Capital of Media was commissioned by Omroep MAX and NPO Radio 1 to produce the six-part podcast series ‘Dor Hout’, in addition to the montage we also created a custom leader package for the series. Presenter Mieke van der Weij speaks with people who, for various reasons, belong to “the risk group”. Together they look back on their corona year, but they also look ahead. Among them ‘Dichter des Vaderlands’ Lieke Marsman, singer Mira Thompson and judge Frank Wieland. The podcast ‘Dor Hout’ can be listened to on all well-known streaming services.

Guests include: judge Frank Wieland, who had to retire at the age of seventy, got corona, but has now been recalled to eliminate the backlog in the administration of justice. Mieke also speaks to 28-year-old singer Mira Thompson, 86-year-old Eva Weyl, who tells students about her time in Camp Westerbork and Lieke Marsman.

Listen to ‘Dor Hout’ on Spotify here.