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Holland’s number two rated radio station, NPO Radio 2, has switched to Strike Jingles by Capital of Media who develop an entirely new jingle package for their popular drive time show “De Wild in de Middag”. De Wild in de Middag" is hosted by Ruud de Wild, one of the most unique and talked-about DJ's in radio. With his show firmly established, creating a new jingle sound presented a complex challenge, so de Wild turned to the team from Strike Jingles with some very specific wishes: creating the perfect combination of recognizable and happy jingles from the 80s mixed with influences of today's pop music.

“It was great working with Strike by Capital of Media. Like no other they were able to translate Ruud’s crazy and out of this world ideas into jingles and sound bites of this time. Strike was hands on and delivered a package with great diversity that’s gonna lift the show to a higher level,” said Peter Brinkmann - Editor in chief of “De Wild in de Middag”(KRO-NCRV, NPO Radio 2).

Capital of Media’s Creative Director Anthony Timmers explains: “NPO Radio 2 dares to sound different, that's why they made the switch to Strike by Capital of Media. It was such an honor to create the new sound of Holland’s most talked about drive time show, “De Wild in de Middag. The challenge was to create a strong melodic powerful package that sounds catchy and recognizable immediately, we've used real brasses and real guitars: amazing! We’re very proud to have re-branded the drive time show on NPO Radio 2”.

  • theme KEY tempo
  • 01 ID01 F# (2B) 138
  • 02 ID02 D (10B) 120
  • 03 ID03 A (11B) 90
  • 04 ID04 D (10B) 145
  • 05 ID05 G#m (1A) 164