every second more rewarding

It happens hundreds of times each week..
Listening to the radio or watching TV and your ears and eyes receive a production from Capital of Media - and each one is unique. All are just seconds on air, but we’re working on them for hours - to make every second more rewarding.

Since the beginning in 2003, it always has and will always be about creativity and quality. We’re passionate about blending only the finest audio, video and music.

Capital of Media brings jingles with Spine, radio imaging with TRIL - The Radio Imaging Library and everything for Visual Radio with our label Eyedents.

spine - rethinking jingles


Spine Jingles, is worlds newest jingle brand and ready to create the backbone of your imaging!

Anthony Timmers: “The origin of jingles is fading more and more. With Spine we bring back the original structure, combined with contemporary sounds and production styles. But also our workflow has completely changed. Spine is creating the “Spine Backpack”: a database consisting of a wide variety of ’now sounding’ jingles. With our concept “Rethinking Jingles” we also provide more sustainability of our cuts, there’s a clear production link to the playlist – but will not have sound-a-likes as result. So in terms of jingles: we got your back!”. Jean-Paul van Druten: “Exactly! :-) “.

TRIL - The Radio Imaging Library

TRIL is the first crossover imaging package that’s as diverse as today’s radio playlists. TRIL is a music intensive, multi-format imaging package geared towards CHR, Modern AC and Urban radio. Power packed and updated constantly with song intros, workparts, beats, drops, FX and more.

We teamed up with Splat! Radio Imaging to bring our imaging update service to North American, we're available for barter and cash agreements now for stations in North America.
Check out the details here.

Eyedents - Jingles for your eyes

New from Capital of Media: Eyedents - Visual Radio Design. The first and only imaging service for ‘Visual Radio’.
This new label by Capital of Media brings over 20 years of video and television experience to the world of radio.
Eyedents are produced custom and are available for each part of radio imaging, in each format
– but also for brands that have a radio commercial running on air.

President of Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers, says: "We’ve been talking about it since the first small steps of Visual Radio, but the next generation Visual Radio is here and needs a little help on imaging. We’re proud to have started with BNR Nieuwsradio!

Michael Janssen, Creative Director Eyedents, says: “In the Netherlands we call BNR Nieuwsradio ‘Hitradio with News Only’, the station is on top of news and delivers it to their listeners in a very CHR way. With Visual Radio and the power of design the BNR brand ties its relationship with their audiences in an even more engaging, emotional and dynamic way and re-imaging radio into a more fluid and intuitive platform.

Check out Eyedents on BNR.nl.


When your company delivers an amazing product or service,
you need to have an amazing commercial.
Capital of Media offers years of valuable experience in the
field of advertisement.

Here's a selection of our commercials for radio and