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What are you looking for?

At Capital of Media we create audio in such a way that it affects you. We hope it’ll make you move. Makes you think about it. Gives you goosebumps.

We help brands, radio and television stations/programs develop and deliver audio in any way imaginable. Our captivating audio can be heard on national, regional and local stations every day and on every popular podcast platform.

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Celebrating our 20th anniversary

Yes! For 20 years now, we compose jingles and music, facilitate and create the best audio post and ensure engagement with interesting and relevant branded content. Our service never ends. We love personal contact, because each production experience is unique when we do it together!

Personal contact
Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so we always maintain personal contact from the beginning to the end of the project. The initial briefing in the most important part, this is where we hear your ideas and begin to shape the direction of your audio.
Next up, we develop the audio to your specifications. We constantly keep you in the loop so you're always part of the creative process.
Once you're happy with the compositions, we're off to the recording studio. Just think about the endless possibilities, from vocals, to guitars and even real brasses if needed. Here's the best part: you're always welcome to join the recording sessions (live or via video).
One of the most important things: the mix. This is the stage where all parts of our close working relationship finally come together.
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Questions & Answers.

Audio. Not even a very long word, but very versatile. We love it. But why? By means of a few Q&A’s we hope to make you even more clear about Capital of Media and our passion for creating the best audio.

What was Capital of Media's first jingle package?
We went to Belgium for that. We created a custom package for Nostalgie.
What formats has TRIL?
TRIL is available in three flavours: CHR/Hot AC and AC/Modern AC. Besides the full imaging update service, you can also choose for FX only.
Which singers do you use?
Do we really have to list them all? 🙂
We work with any talent we like, that can be famous and unknown singers. We always look for the best sound for each project.
How do you discover singing talent?
Basically just by keeping our ears and eyes open. Sometimes you hear a live performance on the radio or see someone singing on television or online.. but we also organize 'Jingle Talent Days' for which we invite new talent to our studios.
I want a jingle package that you made as a resing on my radio station, is that possible?
In most cases: yes! But always inquire, because in some cases a customer has an exclusive broadcasting right.
Is everything you made on the website?
Noooo... if we have to do that, we'll need a few more websites, haha! We have now taken very old productions offline and in some cases productions for our customers remain internal, so we do not place that on our site.
What software do you work with?
In all our studios we work with Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Adobe Audition... in which we run tons of plugins from, for example, Waves, FabFilter and Soundtoys.
Are your productions on air in every country in the world?
We can't say that, but we can be heard in many countries on our beautiful planet. Our audio is currently most heard in several European countries, United States and Canada.