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Hoera voor de taart

At Capital of Media we recently had the opportunity to carry out a special project: for Blue Band's latest TV commercial promoting Blue Band's 100% vegetable butter, we were allowed to create the perfect soundtrack for it.

The process started with a brainstorming session with the team at Scrambled, a food content production house in Amsterdam. We wanted to make sure that the music would reinforce the commercial's message, while remaining playful while providing an emotional impact for the viewers. The goal was to produce a song that radiates excitement and joy, but also emphasizes the sustainable nature of Blue Band's products.

Fantastic to hear the music in the commercial and see how it reinforces Blue Band's message. This production once again shows how important it is to make custom music. It was an honor to be part of this production and to contribute to the promotion of healthier choices for both people and the planet.

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