FD Mediagroep has introduced a podcast platform for the business target group, under the name Listn. As an independent podcast guide, this new media brand helps professionals choose the best podcasts in the broad financial-economic field. The podcasts are selected by experts from FD and BNR, but can come from all possible sources.

Capital of Media is engaged in the creation of Listn’s sonic branding.

“The years of experience and love for audio made me choose for Capital or Media. ‘Love for the profession’ may sound soft, but at the same time they have worked very professionally according to agreement and budget; from briefing to an audio design. A professional collaboration with a friendly team!”, says Sandor Janssen – Director Listn.

Capital of Media produced a soundtrack for the new brand, of which we made various variants that can be used widely. Listn’s sound logo will be featured in commercials, but also via its own platform and in emails sent with recorded podcast tips.