Energetic and Positive Jingles That Evoke Happy Feelings

Holland’s nationale public radio station, NPO Radio 2, has returned to Strike Jingles by Capital of Media to develop an update of the jingles for lunchtime show “Gijs 2.0” with Gijs Staverman.

“We are very happy with the jingles Strike made for us. I had an idea and guideline. Strike Based on that, Strike came back to us with 6 significant tracks that all have exactly the right feel for “Gijs 2.0”. The jingles are energetic and positive, and gives your afternoon a happy feeling! The guys at Strike Jingles understand us and their profession!” said Gijs Staverman – host of Gijs 2.0 on NPO Radio 2.

“Gijs 2.0” is heard every weekday from 12 to 2PM on NPO Radio 2.


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