During the Dutch Podcast Awards 2020, ‘Taboo Talk’ won the Brand Story Award. The podcast serie shows that no subject is out of the question. According to the jury, ‘Taboe Talk’, a production by Capital of Media in collaboration with DentsuAchtung, Mindshare Content+ and NRC, effectively communicates the brand message of the client KPN. With this prize, KPN wins its first award for a podcast for consumers. 
Of course NRC’s reach played an important role. After all: without scale, no visible effect‘, says Michael Willems, Head of Content at Mindshare. “But the main reason was that we wanted to position Taboo Talk in an environment of journalistic relevance and reliability.” The team of Capital of Media elaborated on the concept and added an extra journalistic depth: all topics are placed within a social context. and, if possible, link up with current events. Each podcast discusses one theme, such as loneliness among young people, eating disorders, burnout and cyberbullying. A fixed format has also been developed, with psychologist Roos Woltering as host and a closing spoken word by Akwasi, to reflect on the episode.
Madelon Fortuin, Commercial Director of NRC Media, proudly looks back on a successful collaboration with all parties involved: ‘The real key to the success of ‘Taboe Talk’ is guts: from the participants, who dared to tell their story, and from the client KPN. That has created a connection – exactly as KPN wanted to achieve. The Brand Story Award is a beautiful and appropriate award.


Listen to KPN Taboe Talk on Spotify here