NPO RADIO 2: PAUL & FRANK ON FRIDAY Play montage Download montage

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* All audio has been specially processed for this website, our productions are always custom mixed and mastered based our your on air processing and your wishes. We believe that you only achieve the maximum result on air in this way.

"Our program kicks off the weekend in the Netherlands, a super nice feeling of course! That feeling is enhanced with the topics in the program, the music and of course the jingles! Strike by Capital of Media surprised us with their proposals and we are very happy with our first package. With the jingles of Strike the start of the weekend has become even more fun!" - says Frank van 't Hof, NPO Radio 2.

  • theme KEY tempo
  • 01 BASIC ID 01 A (11B) 148
  • 02 BASIC ID 02 G# (4B) 152
  • 03 BASIC ID 03 F (7B) 90
  • 04 SHOWOPENER A (11B) 142