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Capital of Media glues storytelling, music and the highest production values with the latest audio technology to create content that brings effective value. We make audio that people like to listen to, designed to engage and entertain your audience.

Podcasts and other forms of on-demand audio are increasingly being listened to. That is why the sound of your brand is now just as important as your visual logo.

Capital of Media has all the skills to bring your brand to life with sound: from idea to sound design, from recording on location to tailor-made music.

The most successful marketing tool

The, perhaps, most successful marketing tool to date is a fact: podcasts.
Our award winning team consists of people who all started in the radio business.
This allows us to provide you with maximum support in the field of content, audio/music design and facilities.

From a compact project to the most advanced productions: we take care of the entire process.

We immerse ourselves in your brand and together we determine the objectives.
We make sure that every second becomes more valuable for you as a brand, but of course also for your audience.
After an extensive consultation, we get to work to present you authentic and effective concepts.
The podcast recording and production takes place in one of our three high-end studios.
But if the concept we created together shouldn't take place in a studio, we can record professionally anywhere.
Production done.. the podcast has to go to the ears of your audience!
We can fully take care of the distribution and analysis of your podcasts for you.
We not only collect it, but also learn from it to achieve even better results.
Need a podcast?

Let's get you one..!

Be prepared for a phone call full of enthusiasm and questions 🙂