While cinemas and theaters were forced to close their doors during COVID-19, a group of leading makers and actors from the Dutch film and theater world decided to look for another way to reach the public. The result? The podcast serie “Staatsgeheim”, a blood-curdling audio drama that penetratingly examines the drastic changes that the world has undergone in 2020. “Staatsgeheim” is a four-part audio drama commissioned by Topcast, it already has over 500.000 plays.

Capital of Media was asked for a great part of the audio. The cast includes Sigrid ten Napel (Penoza), Gijs Scholten van Aschat (Hoogvliegers) and Jacqueline Blom (Penoza).

Newspaper NRC reviewed the podcast: “Staatsheim is a page-turner podcast“. 

Available on various podcast platforms.